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Grippit UK Ltd design and manufacture unique INTERNAL and EXTERNAL Notice Boards, Bulletin Boards, Display Boards, Map Boards, Poster Cases, Poster Frames and Dry Wipe Whiteboards. Our products are available to both trade customers and the general public.


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GRIPPIT® Display Boards are MULTI-PURPOSE! The grip board can be used for various sized notices, posters, laminates, photos and cards etc. The dual-use grip system also allows your display to become a unique letter board / tile sign.

MULTI USE! - Notice Board - Tile Sign - AdBoard


! .D U A L . U S E . & . P I N . F R E E .!

All Grippit® Notice Boards are Multi Purpose...

Both Letter Board and Notice Board in one !

Letter Board and Bulletin Board

Tile Sign Letter Board

A 2.5m dual use notice board for posters or tile sign letters. Gas struts lift and support the lockable screen.


Notice Board and Letter Board

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PRODUCTS: Freestanding Notice Boards external and Lockable Poster Cases, Map Boards, Dry Wipe Whiteboards, Poster Frames and Signage.
CUSTOMERS: Borough Councils, Parish Councils, Parks, Educational & Schools, NHS & Hospitals, Health and Hygiene, Food and Drink, Clubs.

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Gripit UK Ltd manufacture maintenance free display boards and signage for inside or outside information display. Our external aluminium noticeboards are fully weatherproof and vandal proof. Unique durable pin free display boards and silver cases. Aluminium poster frames will outlast all freestanding wooden notice boards external and wooden church notice boards external. Tamper resistant lockable display board screens can be added to make your display board safe, secure and fire retardant. Poster display cases and map boards can also be mounted outside on walls, posts or casters. Wipeable biomedical hygienic MRSA resistant notice boards for infection control environments.

Our display boards are used in a variety of locations; church notice boards, sports club notice boards for schools, college notice boards, club signs and production area shadow boards etc. Customers use the displays for large posters or general A4 and A3 notices. They can also be used for freestanding signs and menu boards. Aluminium poster frames provide a better option than traditional wooden noticeboards. As aluminium will not rust it is more economical than a wooden notice board or a tradition church display case. Silvercases look sleek or alternatively powder coated poster cases to suit a corporate image or rural setting.

Freestanding exterior notice boards and weatherproof display boards. Grip boards and bulletin boards in a variety of colours. Single poster cases and Colourful Display case and sign boards. Quadroyal sized poster display or double royal poster cases. Internal pin boards, dry wipe white boards and external weatherproof displays. Vandal proof notice boards for schools. Gripit displays can also be used as scoreboards and for display classified ads which can bring in extra revenue to a shop. Forecourt displays and 'A boards' can be left on a pavement or a fore court. Sign makers providing display solutions to attract the attention your information deserves.

The Grippit paper grip slat is a patented and easy to use pin free or pinless system that will not cause contamination problems or safety issues in hygienic food preparation; medical and surgical areas and places where children play. Ideal for infection control environments in order to prevent superbugs like MRSA and Clostridium Difficile. We also manufacture alternatives to traditional pin boards and standard white boards or magnetic boards. Large poster frames can display A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 posters and A0 notices, bulletins, advertisements or posters. Mixed combinations can be acheived and various media can also be displayed, including photographs; card; plastic; wood and metal. We can provide a variety of bespoke designs, colours and sizes. Your Grippit display will truly last for years to come!

Large poster size board to display notices and bulletins or A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 posters. Internal notice boards. External noticeboards. Aluminium vandal resistant external display boards and silver cases. Bespoke custom made signage. Full colour digital prints and signage, vinyl signs and header boards. Powder coated display boards and signmakers. Paper grip pin board or pinboard is an alternative to magnetic boards. Dry wipe display board and chalk black boards. Local Borough Council and District information display. Notice boards for posters and A3 or A4 or A2 or A1. Anodised aluminium weatherproof or weather proof or weather resistant and tamperproof or tamper proof. Trade supplies, wholesale or direct to retail. Crime prevention and office stationery. Hygienic paper viewing without pins or tape or tack or magnetic surface. Superior to wooden or hardwood display boards, poster display and plastic frames. Supplying to classrooms and educational establishments including schools, colleges and university. Community notices and freestanding bulletin boards can be used for housing associations and regeneration schemes.

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